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At Essential Properties, we start with a conversation about the home buying process. We use our years of experience in the industry to let you know what to expect each step of the way. We then listen to find out what you need and want in your new home. We determine what location, size and amenities are most important to you, and then give you an idea of what prices you may encounter. Sometimes this causes "sticker shock" but it's an important step in your home buying process.

The next step is to guide you through the pre-approval process to find out what the lending company will lend you. At this point, the bank looks at some preliminary things (income, debt, savings....) to determine if they "might" loan you money for a home. They give you a pre-approval letter, that your real estate agent will need a copy of, so that they can start taking you out to look at properties. Once you find a home and put a contract on it, the bank starts working to provide a final loan commitment for you to purchase it.

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Why are we Essential to Buyers? We Provide:

  • Custom "Getting Ready to Buy" Plan

  • List of Home Buying Resources

  • Virtual & In-Person Home Showings

  • "Remember What You Saw" Recaps

  • "Moving Toward Closing" Check List

  • Attend Inspections

  • Attend Closing

Our "attention to detail" structure and team approach enables us to give you the information you need to buy your home under the best terms for you.. Buyers choose us again and refer us because the attention that every client receives never waivers - you remain our focus from the beginning to the end of your purchase.

Are you a "customer" or "client" to your real estate agent?

Ask us how to tell the difference and why you need to know!




It’s very important to determine why you want to buy a home. This will help decide if you are ready to buy right now, or if you should continue renting for awhile longer or indefinitely. Some people buy for the following reasons:

  1. Nesting:  You’re looking to settle down, plant some roots, raise a family or retire comfortably. 

  2. Security:  You know that owning a home not only provides you and your family physical security, it also is the most secure financial investment that you can make – even in today’s volatile financial market. 

  3. Tax Breaks:  You know that along with the security of owning your own home and the future equity that will be built, you get tax breaks today.  

  4. Increase Your Investment Portfolio: You may want to buy real estate purely as an investment to diversify your holdings.

HOME BUYERS: Tell Us About Yourself & What You're Looking For!

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